Joe and Billy hunt for the key at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery (part 2)

Pack your BAG!

Joe Otter’s Mission to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery (part 1)

In partnership with: Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Joe Otter and his pal Billy Mink hear about a new initiative at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Billy rattles off a rapid-fire history of Lord Beaverbrook and his iconic building. Joe receives a call from Captain Nemo, who explains how important the gallery is for artists and art-lovers everywhere. He sends Joe on his first mission: to bring back the key to the Beaverbook and its stories! With Billy at Joe’s side, Nemo zaps them into action, and to the next episode in the series.

This MOM (Multimedia Outreach Module) is the first in a series created in partnership with the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and Kidoons, in association with The 20K Collective.