Pack your BAG!

Joe Otter’s Mission to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery (part 1)

Journey to Belonging

Billy Mink in the Immigration Hall at Pier 21


Joe and Billy hunt for the key at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery (part 2)

Billy Mink and Joe Otter are transported to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery by Captain Nemo. A painting by William Orpen comes to life: it's Mona Dunn, known as the "most beautiful girl in England"! Mona takes Billy and Joe to some important paintings in the gallery, showing how art transformed from representational (Merrymaking by Cornelius Krieghoff), to impressionist (Forest Glade by Emily Carr), to abstract (Hameau, by Jean-Paul Riopelle). Billy and Joe realize that the gallery is important to show how art keeps changing… but can they find Nemo's key in time?

This MOM (Multimedia Outreach Module) was developed in partnership with the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, and is part of an ongoing story connecting Joe Otter's "Atlantic Otter" series with Billy Mink's "Maritime Mink" series. Stay tuned for more episodes!